Integrated Path Technical Support

Dear Customer, Thank you for using our online support portal
If your issue included an error/exception in Odoo, Please use the following Guidelines below to
to ensure a quick and accurate response.
In the Subject field below please fill in the following information:

1- Name of the module where the error, for example (sales,purchase, inventory, etc...)
2- The action that triggered the error, for example (posting and invoice, confirming a sale order, selecting a product, creating a new employee, etc...)
3- If available, the record in which the error occurred, for example(if its a sale order, then enter Sale order number,if its an employee record, enter employee name)
4- The username and email of the user who faced the error.
5- The error code which you can copy by clicking copy to clipboard button on error window.
6-Please attach a screenshot of the error window in the Files field below.
Thank you.